My Community's Self Help

Below are some everyday items available free of charge at your community center to help maintain your home. Your community center may have additional items, so please contact staff for a complete list.

Bring the items below to your community center and exchange them for a one-for-one replacement:
• HVAC air filter
• Light bulbs
• Refrigerator water filters
• Vertical blind slats/louvers

The following items are available as needed:
• Ant, roach and mouse traps
• Garage door opener batteries (You must bring in the old batteries to receive new ones)
• Grass seed
• Shelf clips (Bring your current clip as an example)
• Sink stoppers
• Toilet paper rollers
• Tub stoppers
• Vertical blind wands

IPC Tool Shed
The equipment below is available on a loaner basis:
• Electric lawnmower with extension cord
• Grass trimmer/Weed wacker
• Grass trimmer/Weed wacker string