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Resolving policy violations

If terms of the Resident Occupancy Agreement or policies in the resident guide are not followed, the resident will be advised of the violation through verbal notification, citation or letter. If necessary, a meeting with the resident will be scheduled as soon as possible to resolve all issues and to clarify any misunderstandings. Any necessary follow-up letters that may result in termination of residency are sent to the resident and to the Service Member’s Command, the installation's Community Compliance Section, and the Army Housing Office (refer to Section 1.11.1 in the resident guide).

If an issue cannot be resolved, either Island Palm Communities or the resident may elect to escalate the dispute to include Army Housing Office representatives, the Service Member’s Command, and the installation's Community Compliance Section. If the parties agree on a resolution, they will enter into a settlement agreement or a consent order that memorializes the terms of the recommendation. Notwithstanding the foregoing and regardless of whether a dispute has been the subject of a mediation, at the election of either Island Palm Communities or the resident, any dispute between Island Palm Communities and the resident shall be resolved by binding arbitration in accordance with the Dispute Resolution procedures found in Section 1.20 of the resident guide. Click here to view the procedures.

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