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The following are some common terms that are referenced in the utility program. If you need further assistance, please contact your community manager.


The average energy consumption allotted to a home which is paid for through BAH. Baselines are determined by calculating the average energy consumption of all homes belonging to a specific profile. To calculate the baseline in each profile, Island Palm Communities:

  • Removes unoccupied homes
  • Removes homes in partial billing periods (move ins, move outs)
  • Removes the highest and lowest 10% of users

Rolling Baseline

USAG-HI uses a rolling baseline, which means the average energy consumption for a home will change each month.


A profile is a category of homes that share the same physical and geographic features. Profiles are determined using the following criteria:

  • Neighborhood (North/South)
  • Square footage of each home
  • Number of bedrooms
  • New home versus existing home
  • Floor plan such as single-family, duplex, multiplex
  • Home construction type

Energy Consumption Statement

A report that shows what a resident’s electric usage is compared to his/her established baseline. Statements show what profile the home belongs to, the meter number, cost of electricity per kilowatt, the baseline and actual energy consumption during the billing period, and if a home is part of the live billing program.

Buffer Zone

A 10% above and below the baseline buffer zone has been established by USAG-HI. No payments will need to be made or rebates sent if usage is within the buffer zone.

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