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National Window Safety Week is April 5-11


Content from the National Safety Council

The Window Safety Task Force works year-round to promote window safety awareness, and every April it sponsors National Window Safety Week. For 2015, Window Safety Week is observed April 5-11.

The week coincides with the arrival of spring, when homeowners naturally want to open their windows and let in fresh air. During this time, NSC and the Task Force encourage homeowners and caregivers to think about ways to help keep families safer, whether it’s protecting children from falls or practicing an escape route.

For safety's sake, print our window safety brochurechecklist and kids’ activity book, and share them with everyone in your household so they are aware of their role in window safety.

By all means, let the warm spring breezes in. Just don’t throw safety to the wind.

The National Safety Council Window Safety Task Force offers these suggestions to help protect children:

  • Remember, there is no substitute for adult supervision when it comes to window safety; keep an eye on children and keep their play safely away from windows
  • Keep windows closed and locked when children are present
  • When opening windows for ventilation, make sure children can't reach them
  • For a double-hung window on an upper floor of the home, open the top sash nearest the ceiling for ventilation while keeping the bottom sash closed
  • Don't rely on insect screens to prevent a fall; they are not designed to withstand the weight of a person
  • Keep furniture away from windows as they could tempt a curious child to climb and potentially fall
  • Don't allow children to jump on beds or other furniture, which could lead to a fall
  • If there are young children in the home, install ASTM-approved fall prevention devices on limited-opening hardware, which only allows a window to open a few inches
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