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About the Foundation


Our vision is to strengthen, support and empower military families. By harnessing their desires, passion and creativity, and by providing practical support, AHHF will make lasting and tangible change to military famlies by building stronger, more resilient and self-determining communities.


AHHF seeks to empower families in Island Palm Communities and in nearby civilian communities by providing support for developing and realizing community-based projects and opportunities. AHHF seeks to match the needs and opportunities with the funding and mentorship required to create lasting and systemic change.


AHHF is directed by an established Board. The Board sets the overall direction, ensures the foundation's Charter is followed, reviews all grant requests, and determines funding.

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AHHF funds projects that improve the quality of life for military families and the communities they live in. Priority is given to projects that are led and administered by resident participation, provide a long term benefit for a large number of people, and foster collaboration and partnering. Click here to learn more and to apply for a grant. Army Hawaii Housing Foundation