Innovation at its best

Island Palm Communities is a successful model for sustainable development. Innovative programs, methods and technologies have been implemented from urban planning, home design, demolition and construction phases through ongoing property management and resident education programs. Upon completion it will be among the largest solar-powered communities in the world. Some examples of sustainability initiatives implemented to date include:

  • Installation of a 6MW photovoltaic system
  • An urban plan that preserved hundreds of significant trees and the existing natural environment
  • Development of a Pesticide Impacted Soils Program that established PI soil investigative procedures, which resulted in a 65 percent reduction in investigative costs
  • Recycling 90 percent of concrete and asphalt, establishment of a Home Destruction and Salvage Program and Green Procurement Program
  • On-site renewable energy – 6 mega-watt photovoltaic system and solar domestic hot water
  • Home design and amenities that meet Gold Star standards
  • SYNERGY, a resident education program targeting resident behavior with the goal of reducing energy consumption
  • Curbside recycling in neighborhoods


Other sustainable initiatives include:

    USGBC LEED for Neighborhood Development Pilot Program

    The Simpson Wisser neighborhood located at Fort Shafter, USARPAC Headquarters, is among a select group of projects in the U.S. that will help establish the first national green building rating system for neighborhoods. In January 2011, all homes received LEED certification, which brought Island Palm Communities another step closer to receiving LEED for Neighborhood Development (ND) certification.  Of the 78 homes, 27 were awarded Gold and 51 Silver. The design/build team is continuing its work with green building raters to submit final documentation to achieve LEED ND certification for Simpson Wisser. 

    238 projects across the U.S. were selected to be part of the USGBC pilot and just 7 have been certified to date. Click here to learn more.

    Net Zero Energy Homes

    Island Palm Communities is partnered with Concurrent Technologies Corp. on Net Zero Energy Homes (nZEH) research and development, and modeling results indicate significant savings. A pilot program integrating three technologies was launched in 2008. Click here to learn more.

    LEED Gold Homes

    The U.S. Military and Oahu received its first Gold Certified homes in July 2008. Homes integrate cutting-edge design and technology and property staff provides resident awareness and education programs promoting sustainability. Click here to learn more.

    Mock Utility Billing Program

    Mock Utility Billing Program In July 2010, Island Palm Communities launched a mock utility billing program in support of the Office of the Secretary of Defense policy requiring Soldiers and families to be responsible for their utilities. Several resources will be made available to residents to help them understand their energy use and prepare them for live utility billing in 2011. The ultimate goal is to reduce energy consumption in Island Palm Communities. Click here to learn more.