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Utility Conservation Program

In an effort to encourage the efficient use of energy, the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) established a utility consumption responsibility policy that holds the Soldier and his/her family responsible for its utilities. In accordance with the mandate, Island Palm Communities is responsible for implementing and managing this program.  

The idea behind the program is that by conserving today, we will ensure a better tomorrow and by changing our habits, we can take part in changing the future. The aim is to conserve our natural resources and reduce our nation's dependence on foreign oil as well as reward Service Members for their successful contribution to the conservation effort.

The program is set up so that Soldiers who conserve are financially rewarded through rebates.  It is not a profit center for the Army, USAG-HI or Island Palm Communities. Money saved through the program will benefit Soldiers and families; money will be used for community amenities, services and other needs as determined by USAG-HI leadership. BAH includes a portion for utilities that should cover costs for normal energy use.  This will not change.  

Families living in renovated and non-renovated homes are not receiving live bills at this time; billing for these families will begin when all homes in their community have been renovated and brought up to the same standard. However, families in these homes receive a monthly energy consumption report that can help them understand their energy use, adjust any habits, if necessary, and prepare them for live billing.

Families living in homes that are scheduled to be demolished are not part of the utility program and do not receive energy consumption statements.

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